• March 24, 2022

Why Do You Need A Calendar?

  • To stay productive
  • In order to better organize yourself
  • To prioritize tasks
  • In order to use it as a reminder to take breaks

There are so many great reasons to start using an organized personalised calendar from https://www.printready.ie/personalised/personalised-calendar/. Firstly; one of the main incentives for learning how to make a custom calendar is to stay productive even when your motivation is at an all-time low. 

Ticking each task after you’ve completed it offers a sense of satisfaction; which is the driving force behind crossing off the next one. 

More than that; it helps you prioritize tasks and activities when it feels like every single thing you have to do is just as important. This goes hand in hand with better organizing yourself through the analysis of your tasks. 

Another reason is that having a calendar reminds you when to take a break and how beneficial it is to do so. Sometimes not only do we feel overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks at hand; but we also notice we can’t function as well when our minds long for a break. 

Popular types of calendar designs

There are countless options for customizing and editing your calendar. It’s also very helpful to know where to begin and between what you can choose from. Starting with weekly calendars and continuing with one-page yearly calendars; there’s a variety of elements and layouts which you can add or modify until you reach your desired calendar design. 

Here are the most popular types of calendar designs:

  1. Weekly calendar

  2. Monthly calendar

  3. Yearly /one-page yearly calendar

  4. Fillable calendar

  5. Illustrated calendar

  6. In motion online calendar

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