• December 22, 2021

What Is The Pinhole Pupil Eye Condition?

People suffer from diminished vision due to a variety of reasons, from something as simple as uncorrected refractive errors to more severe pathology. However, in the case where multiple factors impact vision and the ability to differentiate between ocular pathologies that are contributing to the condition as well as refractive errors is an essential requirement. 

The eye drops function on the same principle as pupil constriction during bright light conditions, resulting in an improvement in the visual sharpness. Because of a smaller pupil the consequences of minor ocular imperfections such as refractive error , the lens opacities or paracentral corneas are reduced.

Pinhole pupil effect can be described as an optical idea which suggests it is the smaller the pupil the less defocus due to blurring caused by spherical distortions.

pinhole pupil

When light enters the pupil or pinhole of a tiny size and is focused, all rays that are not blocked, allowing only the focused light to fall on the retina and form an undistorted image. 

In contrast, those with extremely large pupils, regardless of whether physical or due to pharmacological dilation, may experience the image "ghosting," or a blurred halo surrounding an otherwise clear picture.This problem is solved by using effective eye drops which is suitable for this condition.

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