• October 27, 2021

Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Private Vacation Home

A private vacation home is a great way for you to stretch your spending. It’s also much more enjoyable than staying at a hotel. It allows you to get a different perspective on local life and gives you a better understanding of what it is like living there. No matter where you’re traveling, there are some things you should consider before hiring for a rental house. Some companies such as Grabahome can help you in buying the rental place in Croatia.

1. Which country to visit. Once you have settled on a country you can decide if you prefer a town, the country, or something in-between. The Coast or inland? Are you close to famous monuments or sightseeing? Or at least easy access to major roads?

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2. When to go. Which time is the best to avoid crowds and still have nice weather? Are there any special events you would like to attend? “The Celebration of Peppers” is a Basque village called Espelette. It takes place every Sunday in October. Midsummer in Sweden (on June 20th or so)? October Truffle harvest in Croatia

3. Type of home. Type of home: House, apartment, or houseboat Tipi? yurt? treehouse? This will help you narrow down your search.

4. Do they allow pets? If you have allergies you should avoid homes that allow pets or are located on farms. No matter how meticulously you clean, pet hair and dander seem to stick around.

5. Privacy. When you rent a house, are you renting it as private property or is it part of a larger group of rental houses? This can sometimes be the case when an entire farm is converted into a vacation rental. This could mean that you will have to share some areas with other vacationers, such as the laundry or pool.

6. What is included in the price Make sure you know ahead of time if taxes and housekeeping/cleaning fees are included. Are there any other perks? Owners may arrange for your access to their resort facilities or gym.

7. Do you have staff? Is the house fully staffed? Is the house only staffed with a chef? Maybe you need a gardener and a housekeeper for a few days each week? If you don’t have one, do you have the option of hiring a chef?

8. What are your responsibilities? Do the patio furniture’s cushions need to be moved in every night (which is very common in Europe)? Is it expected that you keep all the shutters shut during the day to keep the heat out? Are you required to clean your home before you leave? You should make sure you get all information in writing, in a language that you understand, so there are no surprises.

9. What amenities are you looking for? Window screens, air conditioning, heated swimming pools, and shower curtains are not often considered essential.

10. Advice and assistance from locals. If you need help, is there someone nearby who can speak English? You might also need assistance in setting up the stove.

This list is not meant to discourage you from renting a private residence on your next vacation. However, it’s a good idea to do some research before signing a contract or paying a deposit. You can enjoy the view from your temporary home’s patio. Emerald green lagoon? Are you surrounded by snow-capped mountains? You’ll feel great with a glass of wine in your hands, and you’ll be glad that you did your research and chose to travel off the beaten path.

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