• January 27, 2022

The Pro’s Secret To Winning Scrabble

Although Scrabble is easy to learn, it can take years to master. Even today's elite Scrabble players don't know all the answers. 

If they had the secrets to becoming an elite player, they could. You can also take the help of Scrabbles letter finder to be a professional player.

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What is a Word Finder?

A word finder can be used to locate the most relevant words for any given board. You can create them online or by using a pen and paper. They are simple to create and can be referred to at any time provided the other player permits it. 

Creating a Word Finder

The best way to score big points in Scrabble is to use the rarer letters 'z' or 'q' while avoiding the smaller letters like 'e. However, unless an obvious word appears on a board, most people don’t know how to use these letters properly. 

You can begin a Scrabble word finder by adding some words that use these letters. The longer the word, the better. However, you can use a few words from each length. Avoid common words such as queen and zebra, and instead, use words the player has never heard of.

Online Options

You can create a Scrabble word generator, or you can use what others have made. You can use several online word generators. These word generators work by the user entering their letters and then creating a word that matches those letters.


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