• September 15, 2021

All About The Comparison Of Zinc Sources For Piglet Diets

Due to the low availability of zinc in feed ingredients, supplemented zinc is often considered the only source for added Zn in swine nutrition. Zn is often included in diets via inorganic sources such as Zn oxide or Zinc sulfate. 

However, new Zn sources such as Zn hydrochloride have been developed. This study examined the impact of Zn source and concentration on the growth performance and carcass characteristics in commercially finished pigs. You can also get more information about comparison of zinc sources for piglet diets online.

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A total of 80 pigs were divided into two groups. One group had 1008 pigs, while the second group had 972 pigs. The pigs had an average BW of 33.3 + 0.55 kg and were used in the 103-d or 112-d growth trials in groups 1 & 2. 

The treatments were performed in a 2×3 factorial format with two sources Zn: Zn hydrochloride, as well as three levels of Zn. All diets included a vitamin trace mineral premix that provided Fe and Cu of 76 and 162 mg/kg, respectively. 

The pigs were weighed every two weeks to determine their average daily gain, average daily food intake, and feed-to gain ratio (F.G). 

The results of experiments showed that pigs who were fed Zn above 50 mg/kg had small increases in ADG. This suggests that higher Zn levels could lead to improved carcass characteristics.