• August 20, 2021

Why Is Performance Testing Important?

Non-functional testing is used to test the stability, speed, and scalability of a system. To ensure that an application is able to sustain a user's attention, and engage them, performance testing is performed. 

This can be a cost-saving tool that allows enterprises to create better software and applications in a shorter time frame. Performance testing tool can help you identify which aspects of your system could be improved.


Website speed is critical to website success. A slow website will not attract a large audience. Google, the search engine leader in web searches, favors websites that are faster. This makes it even more crucial to ensure a website's speed. Google's algorithm considers a website's response time for web and mobile browsing. 

Increase application scalability

Performance is not limited to speed. If you need to add users to your system, scalability tests are essential. A scalability test can help us optimize the response time by adding users to the database server. It is also possible to identify the system's behavior and replace it with a newer version.

Before the application go-live, fix bugs

Performance tests ensure that the application works as expected. Some bugs may not be detected during functional testing and could appear when the application has been tested in a production environment. These bugs can be fixed in performance testing before the application goes live.

Final touch

Before releasing any software, performance testing should be a top priority. It should also be an integral part of our software testing strategy to reduce risk. To allow the development team to fix problems early in the release process, performance testing should be performed quickly and continuously.