• December 10, 2021

Why Should You Purchase A Motorized Retractable Screen In Arizona?

For lovers of the outdoors, it is impossible to spend too much time outside. Unfortunately, outdoor time is often limited due to heat, precipitation, and insects. Installing a retractable screen solves each of these problems, in addition to numerous other perks.

Protection for Weather Conditions

Motorized retractable screens can protect you from all the elements. In hot weather, the screen acts as a coolant, blocking heat and UV rays from entering a space. Without the sun’s direct glare, the space becomes cool and comfortable. You can also visit azsunsolutions.com/sun-screens to buy Arizona sunscreens.

The same is true for cold weather, which forces people inside. Choosing a tight-knit mesh screen will help keep cold air from ruining your outdoor events. Precipitation is also controlled on your patio, as the screen diverts rain.

Insect Protection

Outdoor entertaining can become unbearable with insects, especially when food is being served. Closing the motorized screen will segregate people from insects, paving the way for a pleasant evening. With the screen, there will be no reason for smelly bug repellant or citronella candles.

Save on Energy Costs

Retractable screens help control the temperature in your home. When the sun is beating down on your home during the summer, insulation can only be so effective. Keeping the retractable screen closed will deflect the sunlight, cool the porch, and in turn control the home’s internal temperature. 

The same is true for the winter months when the screens work to keep the heat on the porch and in the home. The addition of these environmental controls helps create a more energy-efficient home.