• September 10, 2021

Interior Design: Using Purple and Green Wallpapers To Bring New Life to Walls

One of the most problematic areas in the room is a large blank wall that will stare at you when you walk in. these walls create a feeling of emptiness in the room, sometimes interrupting the flow of colors and designs that already exist: or they do not have the potential to create a visual impact in the room.

Purple and green wallpaper is cheap and popular way to decorate walls and brings them to life. Depending on the size of the wall, the coverage and the image you want to portray, wallpaper brings versatility to the room and allows you to be creative.

When you know how to use wallpapers, it is easy to use wallpapers. These are some tips.

Prepare the room for wallpaper

The wallpaper disaster occurred because the wall is not properly prepared for seriousness. Like painting a wall or decorating a sofa, a lot of time must be spent preparing the wall. In the long run, the extra time invested will save you time and trouble.

Measure your wall and purchase wallpaper that covers the entire wall surface .When you are ready to use them, cut your wallpaper into manageable-sized strips.

To prepare for wallpapering, remove the switch board, wall fixtures and socket cover. Clean the walls thoroughly to remove dirt and or mold. And let them dry completely. Look for holes, depressions, or bulges on the wall-surface. These can be repaired with drywall compound or caulk. Apply the compound, smooth it out as much as possible and let it fry completely. Then you need to sand to make the surface smooth so that the wallpapers stick to the wall as easily as possible. Then prime your walls with an acrylic adhesive recommended by wallpaper.

The practice of wallpaper

After making the wall with adhesive, decide how to hang the wallpaper. Go in the direction that is easiest for you .Trim the strips of wallpaper, allowing for pattern blending and a small amount of waste at the bottom, starting at the top, stick the wallpaper on the wall. You may need to pre-cut holes for switches, other openings, cut them while continuing to hang the wallpaper .Either way, you must be precise!

Enthusiasts often encounter the problem of small bubbles under the wallpaper or uneven wall fixing. Resist the temptation to use softer plastic, because if improper pressure is used, it can tear the wallpaper or leave marks. Instead, use a clean soft cloth and gently press it with your hands, or use a soft rubber cover similar to that used to wipe windows.

Wallpaper Design

Wallpaper provides an opportunity to incorporate colors and patterns into the design. The appearance of a large wall can benefit from patterned or striped wallpaper to break its overwhelming size. Use vertical stripes to increase the height of the room, and use horizontal stripes to create the illusion of a larger space. Another option is to combine a dual design by using a striped pattern on the upper part of the wall and a solid color or floral print on the bottom to create fun.

Use drapery near the ceiling to create visual interest and bring the illusion of height to the room by drawing attention to the ceiling.

By using wallpaper in multiple rooms in your home, you can choose to create fluidity between the two rooms without having to use the same wallpaper. Flow can be achieved by maintaining different shades of the same color, contrasting color, or similar pattern.


Wallpapers provide a great opportunity for design originality. You can enhance the look of your room with the purple and green wallpapers. These wallpapers add a lot of colors into your room and make your room brighter. In the above mentioned article, there are some points are discussed of these wallpapers that may be helpful for you.