• April 23, 2021

Top Features of Mobile Car Detailing Machines In Brisbane Southside

The demand for mobile auto parts detailing has continued to increase over the years. As a result, you can now find an increasing number of cleaning kits specially designed for auto parts. 

Check out some of the new advanced features available in mobile auto detailing in Brisbane Southside:

More power – A conventional pressure washing system uses its outlet pressure for cleaning purposes. You cannot use an engine with an output pressure of more than 1500 psi to clean a vehicle. The stronger pressure release can strip paint from the surface of the vehicle.

Top Features of Mobile Car Detailing Machines In Brisbane Southside

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This latest mobile auto detailing machine offers a good combination of pressure washer and steam engine. You can dilute the dirt and grime on the surface of the vehicle and remove the buildup of dirt, including grease and oil.

Portability – Traditional portable pressure washers have wheels or can be attached to a truck or trailer. Wheel engines are suitable for cleaning vehicles in small spaces. However, these machines are not very ideal for moving to remote locations.

Low flow engine – Flow is another problem with portable vehicle cleaning devices. This is not only important for high-pressure cleaners. Usually, all kinds of auto-breakdown products should have a low flow rate. 

The vehicle detailing engine equipped with low flow technology ensures faster cleaning, which in turn ensures that the mobile car wash business is profitable.