• June 26, 2021

Cleaning Your Upholstery With Steam Cleaning Machines

As smart housewives begin to realize that scrubbing upholstery, furniture, and curtains take more time and effort than ever, they are quickly turning to the upholstery steam cleaner for help. This is specifically designed to help you clean food and ink stains, stubborn dirt, and dust left on your furniture, fabrics, and curtains.

In preparation for using your upholstery steam cleaner, you need to take note of a few things. This also works the best as curtain steam cleaner. You will need to use a pre-filter to prepare for the vapor removal process. These solvents must be mild enough not to cause whitening, otherwise, discoloration occurs unevenly on cleaned surfaces. Trying it on the back of furniture or a less obvious area of the fabric is a good idea. Check the labels to make sure it is safe.

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First, use a left-to-right motion and then repeat from top to bottom to cover all areas evenly. When you're making the cushions, remove the covers before steaming. All steamed items should be well aerated to ensure moisture is completely removed and mold does not develop.

The final step, which is the most important step when using the upholstery steam cleaner, is to clean the device. If you don't keep the machine clean it will never last long, especially when it comes to vacuum and steam. Remove all hair and dirt from the scrub brush, pour out all the dirty water from the kettle, and clean your vacuum cleaner's filter. Finally, use a damp cloth and dry the entire device before putting it away.