• July 19, 2021

Creating High Density Storage With Pallet Flow Pallet Racks

Pallet flow racks are the ideal system for operations that entail a significant amount of pallet or carton order picking, allowing for quick and efficient inventory turnover, while doubling or even tripling your storage capacity compared to selective pallet rack systems.

First-In / First-Out Pallet Racks Storage

Heat treated pallets are designed to decrease labor and increase floor space by providing high-density storage with multiple order picking levels. 

Heat Treated Wooden Pallets, Capacity: 1.2MT And 1.2MT, Rs 990 /piece ID: 14061616088

This first-in/first-out system consists of roller track sections placed on sloped lanes allowing palletized loads to easily glide over them. Pallets are loaded on the high end of the rolling lane and by force of gravity, move at a controlled speed to the front of the system until they are ready to be picked, ensuring that the faces along the picking aisle are stocked.

First-in, first-out means that the first pallet placed in the row is the first pallet to be removed.  After the first pallet is picked, all pallets behind it move forward one position. This system allows for efficient rotation of stored product and is perfect for storing perishable goods.

Operations that lend themselves to Pallet Flow Racks Systems include:

  • Warehouses storing Perishable Goods
  • Food Distribution Centers
  • High-Volume Consumer Goods Centers
  • Cold Storage Warehouses
  • Dispatch Areas

Features and Benefits of Pallet Flow Pallet Racks

  • High density storage saves valuable warehouse floor space.
  • Inventory control is improved because every aisle contains product with the same SKU.
  • Maximized space utilization.