• May 24, 2021

Bed Bugs – Time To Put An End To The Bite

Insects have been associated with humans since ancient times. They can be found in almost every part of the world is no exception to the list. Adult bed bugs can survive without food for months under favorable conditions.

If you suspect these tiny pests are in your home, you should seek out a synthetic control for bed bugs immediately. They can travel long distances to suck blood. They are sociable and live in colonies. It is important to remember that all life stages of bed bugs are parasitic and develop in human blood.

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Problem Management: How to Control Bed Bugs

1. The first thing that can prevent a bed bug infestation is to maintain high hygiene standards. All furniture and belongings should be thoroughly inspected for bed bugs and immediate action must be taken to prevent them from multiplying through the use of insecticides.

2. Residual insecticide can be applied directly to the hiding place to provide an effective control system for bed acne. You can contact Singapore bed bug support service providers and pest control services to help reduce the threat.

3. Dry heat treatment is an effective way to combat bed bugs. You can disinfect blankets, bedding, mattresses, and mosquito nets by exposing them to at least 70°C heat.

4. Vacuum around furniture, carpets, curtains, etc. It can also help reduce the blood-sucking population.