• August 17, 2021

The Times when you Require a Colour Printer

Cleveland, QLD printers

Your current printer may require an upgrade if your business shifts or work load increases. For normal usage, a simple printer is enough that gets the job done in terms of printing basic documents used mainly for work purpose. However, simple printer only prints in black as document purpose. If you are thinking to shift into a business that requires coloured prints then these are the times that indicates for you invest in a colour printer.

  1. Photography Printing – If you are a photograph, then you know well enough the need for a colour printer that requires to print out images. In fact, businesses that deal with staff agencies, real estate agencies, depend on colour printer for their work.
  2. Pamphlet or Flyer Printing –If your work is printing out pamphlets and flyers, then having a colour printer is a must. Owning a colour printer is a great way for distributors to convey their business message to customers in an efficient manner.
  3. Letterhead Printing – Letterhead printing is again done by a colour printer since colours, logos and other factors are involved. Moreover, letterhead printing is usually done by a professional where companies outsource their work to save time and focus on other important matters.
  4. Graphic Printing – A simple text or document can be printed by using the monochrome printer. However, if graphics are involved to be printed, then investing in a new colour printer will do the job. A colour printer is used for graphic printing when there are shapes, logos are required to be printed.

These are the times or moments when you require the best colour printers in Cleveland, QLD region.

  • May 8, 2021

4 Special Print Folds to Add Appeal to Your Branding Collateral

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Marketing is all about making your brand appear unique and special. For this, you should work on creating designs and products that no one else is creating. Here, we are going to discuss brochure (or paper) folding techniques that businesses don’t usually use. But if you add them to your marketing plan, you can grab attention with ease.

  1. Oyster Fold: It is aesthetically appealing and a complicated fold which is perfect for large media and posters. The final material takes the look of a classic grate fold that’s popped up and has expanded inner panels to reveal several folded layers within.
  2. Stepped Accordion: Stepped accordion makes your printed material look zigzagged with various sections striking out of the edges in the step series. The final brochure appears to have pages with the ability to assign numbers, categories, or sections to every part emerging from the edge.
  3. Closed Gate Fold: A slight variation from the classic gatefold, this one has two panels folded towards each other. After folding the first two panels, extra folds can start from the center, making the final product interesting and compact. Its compact size makes it an ideal mail material. Using this fold, you can unveil big graphics on the inner side or have several pages with distinct content.
  4. Six Panel Fold: An innovative and useful modification of a classic trifold, it helps fold-down big brochures to fit in a mail-sized envelope. And when the receiver opens it, the brochure immediately looks visually appealing. You can use this to carry massive graphic content and data to the reader.

Besides, you can also consider other folds like coupon mailers and 8-panel roll fold from printers in Wynnum.