• September 28, 2021

All about Anal Fissure

Wheatgrass can relieve most symptoms of anal fissures. Wheatgrass can be used to relieve most anal fissure symptoms. You won't feel the distressing pain or bleeding associated with this condition.

What is an anal fissure?

A fissure refers to a split or tears at the outer edge of the anal canal wall. It is usually located at the posterior or backside of the anus. Chronic fissures can often be confused for painful hemorrhoids by a "sentinel pimple", which is a skin tag that covers the fissure.

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Wheatgrass has the power to heal

Anal fissure affects different parts of the body. It is a result of a break in the anal wall. This can look a lot like a split lip. Unfortunately, it can be painful and very difficult to treat. This problem was experienced by a young man who had been suffering for over a year.

He tried many treatments, including antibiotics and steroids. After one application of wheatgrass cream, his wound healed in a week. Photographs can be found at the link at the end of the article.

What are the signs of anal fissures?

These are some of the most common symptoms.

  • It can cause severe pain during and after bowel movements.
  • Red blood on the toilet paper (blood in the stool)
  • Constipation is caused by pain-causing avoidance of passing stool
  • Anal itching, burning
  • It is difficult to pass urine.