• August 26, 2021

Overview of Common Applications For Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a versatile material. Stainless Steel was first used for tableware and immediately found its way to the industry due to corrosion resistance and low care characteristics. At present corrosion resistance continues to be very important and slowly stabilize the mechanical characteristics of the recognized metal. Various applications where stainless steel has proven to be reliable are given below.

Application of stainless steel are given below:

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Cutlery and kitchen equipment


The most acceptable stainless steel application is possible for tableware and kitchen utensils. The best cutlery devices specifically made class 410 and class 420 for knives and class 304 for spoons and forks.


Chemical industry, process, and oil & gas


Perhaps the leading demanding industry using stainless steel is the chemical industry, process and oil & gas that has created an outsized market for stainless tanks, pipes, pumps and valves as well. One of the main success stories for 304 stainless steel pipes is the transfer of dilute nitric acid because it can be used in a thinner and stronger section than alternative metals.

Food production

Also, a large number of stainless steel is used in food and storage production. The most commonly used value is 304 and 316. In general, 304 is basically a hard-working class while 316H stainless steel pipes are employed in a harder environment. The important reason for using stainless steel is not so many corrosive food itself and undeniable facts that stainless permit work is faster and a lot of economic cleaning.

Architecture, Buildings and Construction

Architecture, building, and construction are developing markets because some modern buildings use stainless steel for cladding, roofs and facades. Another factor is the low maintenance value and anti-destroyer properties of stainless that provide a growing market in public transport, ticket vending machines and street furniture. Stainless steel is also used for construction purposes.


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