• September 5, 2022

New Komatsu Parts: What You Need To Know

Komatsu Parts, a Japanese company, is a well-known manufacturer of earthmoving machinery with a rich history and an extensive fleet of products.

With over three hundred years in business, their iconic machines are in many industries around the world and continue to break ground for new purposes. You can also visit https://cpp-ca.com/ to buy Komatsu parts online.

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The Komatsu Corporation announced new parts for its excavators, loaders, and bulldozers. There are a number of updates to the machines, including new hydraulic systems, controls, and engines. Here’s a rundown of what’s new:

Komatsu PC200 Series Pc200-8C Excavator: The PC200-8C features an updated hydraulic system that includes a pump module, reservoir and controller. The hydraulic system can be configured to work with either one or two cylinders. The excavator also has an updated engine with increased power and efficiency.

Komatsu PC220 Series Pc220-8B Loader: The PC220-8B features an updated engine with increased power and efficiency. The loader also has an updated control system that includes a central controller and display

Aftermarket parts are modifications or replacements to products that were not originally sold with the intention of improving the user experience. This can include anything from changing out a standard part for a more efficient or upgraded option to creating an entirely new product from scratch.

There are many benefits to using aftermarket parts. For one, they can offer a better overall experience for the end user. This can be due to upgraded performance, improved functionality, or compatibility issues that would not have been possible with the original part. 

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