• October 25, 2021

New Jersey Regenerative Medicine With Stem Cell Rich Injections

Patients suffering from painful conditions can now have stem cell-rich injections. This is a breakthrough in pain management that could help patients suffering from back, neck, arm, and leg pain. Steroid injections for pain in the extremities or spinal area have been the gold standard for pain management for decades. Patients can buy these stem cells injections from a good regenerative medicine company in New Jersey.

These cortisone injections are very effective and produce excellent results for more than 75% of the patients. However, steroid injections do not alter the course of arthritis or soft tissue injury. They provide temporary pain relief and must be repeated often. Due to possible adrenal gland problems or blood sugar issues, corticosteroid injections can only be done once a month.

Pain doctors generally recommend that injections be performed no more often than every three months. If multiple joints are being injected, the body may absorb more steroids quickly. For a long time, the holy grail for arthritis and soft tissue injury has been to find a cell regenerating injection substance that both relieves pain and helps regenerate bone or soft tissue.

The pain relief part of steroids injections is not addressed. Non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory, stem-cell injections made from amniotic liquid have the potential to stimulate cartilage and soft tissue growth, as well as pain relief. Both in laboratory and animal studies, the regenerative effects of cartilage have been demonstrated. It has been possible to fill cartilage defects with real cartilage. It is now clear that cartilage defects are often filled with pseudo-cartilage (also known as fibrocartilage). It is not as long-lasting as natural cartilage.


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