• January 14, 2022

Know About The Creative Vinyl Car Wrap Strategies

Have you ever thought of making use of your vehicle as a means to promote your company? If yes, then you may have heard about car decals and car wrap. What is the most appropriate option for your needs? If you own a truck or SUV, Scion, trailer, van, or Mini Cooper, you have many options to utilize your vehicle to promote your company.

Car wraps use the same vinyl to car decals, but car decals do not require a material to wrap around the complex curvatures of an entire vehicle. Car decals usually only cover a small portion of the vehicle as magnets for cars. With a wrap, you can cover any area of the car including bumpers, the car's hood, and other curving areas. You can also consider getting full vehicle vinyl wraps.

Vinyl Car Wrap

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The material used for car wraps is a gray-colored backed adhesive with air escape channels that allow air bubbles and air pockets to be quickly removed, creating a smooth painted look to the wrap, particularly when you choose a gloss finish. The car wrap made of vinyl is able to be heated around the edges of the bumpers as well as the intricate curvatures of cars, thereby covering the entire surface. 

Your customers won't even know it's not painted. However, you decide to sell the car and all you need to do is get the wrap removed in order to expose the paint job of the manufacturer underneath to preserve the resale value of the vehicle.

Vinyl car wrap advertising increases brand recognition by 15 times more than any other type of advertisement.

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