• November 11, 2021

How to Motivate Your Sales Team?

Motivation is key to the success of a business. It is vital that the sales team is motivated. It is important to understand what motivates team members, as business revenue/profit are positively related. It is a great way to motivate them. It can be difficult because each person is different and motivated by different factors.

An incentive program that is well-designed, understandable, measurable, and realizable is a good one. You can hire a company that will plan sales team incentives for you at https://catalinesalesincentives.com/increase-sales/.

7 tips to motivate your Sales Team

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An incentive program that is effective for sales teams should include:

Set achievable goals: Setting achievable goals is key to motivation for sales teams. Setting unrealistic goals that are impossible to achieve can cause sales team motivation to plummet and have disastrous effects on the business.

Competitive benefits: Sales team members require support and recognition for their performance. Management can show appreciation by offering a competitive benefits package that includes health insurance, a retirement plan, sick leave, and even vacations.

The right training: It is important to give the sales team proper training and to encourage them to work on their professional growth.

A decent base salary: It can be stressful for salespeople to work only on commission. Companies should pay their salespeople a decent base wage, as this will help retain true talent. 

Maintaining an open-door policy: Salespeople should feel at ease talking about their dissatisfactions. Otherwise, they may lose their motivation. Managers who are good at listening to their subordinates and giving/taking constructive feedback are great.

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