• February 21, 2022

Guide to Men’s Dress Shirt Collars

Every guy should have a mix of collar styles in his dress shirt rotation. From deep cutaways to classic points and everything in between, the collar is often the most distinctive component of a classic dress shirt, and it's good to have a little variety in your fitted dress shirt collection! If you want to buy the best cutaway collar shirts for men visit Dandy & Sons.

Cutaway Denim Shirt

The most important thing is to have a shirt that fits your unique body type, everything else is personal preference. That being said, here is a little guide on the most commonly found dress shirt collar types:

  • Cutaway Collar

The Cutaway Collar has a subtle Euro feel to it, and looks good with patterned or solid shirts. It can be dressed up or down – with a suit and tie, or with denim. It gives a subtle rakishness to any look that no other collar style has.

  • Semi-Spread Collar

It has a wider collar blade that is particularly well-suited for wear with a tie under a jacket. It’s a crisp and clean look for formal or professional occasions that is also perfect for post-event unwinding.

  • Point Collar

It has a narrower distance between the two collar points and, when buttoned, a smaller enclosure for a tie knot. An excellent choice and a classic look for the office, it also transitions easily into casual wear when the tie comes off.

These are some of the most commonly found dress shirt collar types.

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