• November 8, 2021

Get To Know About Safe and Dangerous Toys for Dogs

Finding toys for our dogs can be fun, but be careful what you buy for them. Buy the right size toy for your dog. While no guarantees can be made for the joy or safety of your dog with any particular toy, the following guidelines are provided to get the best dog toys online.

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Unsafe toys:-

· Unless you can safely remove them, avoid toys with parts that your dog can swallow or that can get caught in the dog's mouth or throat, such as price tags, ribbons, kennels, or leashes.

· Do not give small soft rubber toys to large dogs. This type of toy will last for about 30 seconds before being ripped apart by German Shepherd. 

· Also, look for toys that squeak. Sounds great for dogs, but watch out for toys where screamers are. You don't want the dog to swallow it.

Safe Toys:- 

· Buy hard rubber toys for your dog, especially large breeds, as they have a lot of "chewing power" in their jaws. Toys like "Kong" toys are great. They are available in all sizes so small and large dogs can play with them safely. Nylabone products are great if you like them. 

· Good rope toy. Be careful with those that have strings at the ends. They're great for clearing a dog's interdental spaces, but you don't want them to chew and swallow anything.

· Purchase a product called an "Air Dog" toy. This toy comes in various shapes and is wrapped in tennis ball material. They're bigger than tennis balls, but they don't get them when there is no one to watch them, and if they break, they end up in the trash.

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