• July 2, 2021

Find The Genuine Comic Book Store

Collecting comics has long been considered a child’s hobby, but putting together a smart comics collection can cost countless hours. A copy of Action Comics #1, Superman’s first appearance, sold for 10 cents in 1938. Today it can fetch $1 million. Moments of such wind are extremely rare, but who knows what you will find in your parents’ attic.

If you want to sell your entire comic book collection on comic book stores as one package this will definitely help you to have some first edition comics or important comics in your collection. You can also find the genuine comic book store via https://www.bdweb.be/ (also known as authentique Magasin de bandes dessinées via https://www.bdweb.be/ in french language).

Perhaps the most important factor in buying or selling comics is the condition of the books. You can protect your comics by wrapping them in a plastic bag with a sheet of acid-free cardboard to keep them in shape. Always store your comics in a cool and dry place.

With the development of online auction sites such as eBay, selling comic collections has become quite easy. Also, be sure to visit comic book conventions to find potential buyers. There are several guides out there to help you price your comic book collection. Comics are rated on a scale from new to bad

Lastly, always be on the hot surface at the local comic book store. This will help you assess what people are doing right now. If a film is made about a comic series, the demand and value of the series is likely to increase.

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