• April 18, 2022

Everything About Dry Salt Therapy

Salt therapy can be described as a non-toxic treatment that is based on inhaling pharmaceutical-grade dried salt within a relaxing safe and controlled environment. While you relax in your chair and unwind, a medical device known as a halogenerator will release tiny salt particles throughout the air. The tiny particles will be absorbed deeply into your airways and the lungs.

They will be able to land upon your body. Dry salt treatment is a great option to aid in relieving a variety of respiratory, skin, and other conditions of daily life. The benefits of using salt were first discovered in Poland which was where the workers of underground salt mines had fewer respiratory problems.

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Through chiseling and crushing the salt, miners created small particles of salt which were released into the air inside the mine. They then breathed them in. Dry salt is very absorbent and also has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Inhaling the salt causes mucus to shrink and become liquefy. This makes it easier to break and eliminate – as well as pollutants, pathogens and debris.

Dry salt particles can also stimulate the body's natural cilia movements. Cilia assist in keeping the airways clean of dirt and mucus, to allow us to breathe comfortably. With the help of salt, this procedure gets speeded up. Imagine salt as an airway toothbrush that cleans mucus, debris, and pathogens.

Salt therapy can be described as a form of complementary therapy that was developed to work in conjunction with conventional medical treatments. As with many elements of an edgy life, it is important to be consistent.


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