• March 26, 2022

Dry Salt Therapy Is Used To Treat Respiratory Conditions

The practice of salt therapy can be described as a safe method of treating respiratory illnesses. The advantages that salt therapy (also known as Halotherapy) (also known as Speleotherapy) have been well-known and documented throughout Europe. 

Halotherapy makes use of dry aerosol particles of minerals and salt to treat respiratory ailments and attempts to replicate the conditions of speleotherapy which has been utilized in salt mines in Eastern Europe since the early 19th century. You can also book an appointment for dry salt therapy online via https://www.lknsaltspa.com/halotherapy.

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Salt therapy is well-known for its therapeutic effects. It was the time that a Romanian inventor set his mind to work and created an apparatus that has the ability to replicate a speleotherapy environment at home in a low-cost and easy way. 

Based on research studies in clinical trials the inhaled saline contains the properties of bactericide, mucokinetic and hydrophilic anti-inflammatory properties, decreasing inflammation across the entire respiratory tract by absorbing mucosa that line the airways, resulting in expanding the airway passageways, and restoring the normal flow of mucus, and clearing obstructions in the bronchi as well as bronchioles.

The nasal mucosa is edema-prone and the oropharynx, as well as the soft palate that causes the nasal passage to be blocked and even snoring, are reduced, leading to a widening of the airway passageway within the nasal passages and sinuses' tubes, as well as improving sinus drainage and decreasing the snoring. 


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