• November 15, 2021

Debt Collection In Coronavirus Pandemic What Are The Options

Companies big and small have all felt the impact of COVID-19 in different ways, but one area that has been highlighted for many is the importance of making sure you are on top of managing your cash flow and in particular chasing debts. 

Debt recovery needs to be an area that you maximize on and follow through with to help you protect the future of your company. 

It is no stretch to say that many of your creditors will be struggling financially, leaving them with no option to pay their debts to your company or anyone else. You can also know more about debt collection in Brisbane at https://www.romanslawyers.com.au/debt-collection/.

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As debt recovery lawyers, one of our jobs is to ascertain the ability of the debtor to repay the debt and uncover their actual financial circumstances. Making sure we follow through on the most effective method to gain maximum debt recovery for your business is a top priority. 

The truth is you need to separate fact from fiction when it comes to delaying or even deceptive tactics, including claiming they too are suffering adverse financial difficulties due to the pandemic. Not all debtors are truthful when it comes to revealing their real financial situation.

Effective Communication is Vital.

It has never been more critical to make sure that you keep the lines of communication open when it comes to debtors and getting the money owed. 

Many people will be distracted due to current events and could have many issues on their minds. Keeping in regular contact with those who are falling behind or have fallen behind with payments is vital to help you arrange to get back the money owed.


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