• April 12, 2022

Client Testimonials: Where to Find Them, Why They’re Important, and How to Use Them

Testimonials are just about the best marketing tools around. Here's a summary of what they are, why and how to use them, and how to obtain them.

What is a testimonial?

A client testimonial is a positive personal statement by a client about their experience with your services or product. You can get useful client testimonial videos service online for your business.

How to Make Customer Testimonial Videos for Your Business

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The term "personal" is crucial here. The client's time spent seeking assistance from you is reflected in the testimonial. This is the chief difference between advertising and marketing copy. Testimonials are not provided by the vendor, but by the client.

Why are testimonials worth the work?

There are at least four reasons why testimonials are worth the work:

First, they have the persuasive power of endorsements from people who have actually benefited from your services.

Second, they give a sense of your reliability as a vendor.

Third, they give a sense of what you are like and how you work.

Fourth, they add energy to your marketing materials.

In other words, testimonials help to engage the potential client and lay the groundwork for a working relationship.

How can we make a testimonial out of rough notes from a conversation? Will it still be honest?

Good question. Testimonials are rarely quoted verbatim. Take your notes, and polish them into a few sentences. Use the first person, of course. And then send your draft to the client to get their agreement that you've captured their opinion of your work.

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