• August 27, 2021

Choosing The Best Pizza Pan

It can be difficult to find the right pizza pan. How thick should the pan be? Are you looking for a rectangular or round baking sheet? Smooth or perforated? Shiny stainless iron, or dark gray nonstick? If you want to know where to look for the best pizza pans you have to do some research.

There are many sizes and shapes of pizza pans and baking sheets. A 10-inch pizza tray or small rectangle quarter-sheet tray will work well for you if you prefer smaller pizzas.

If you make large pizzas that measure 12-14 inches in diameter, you will need a pan that can hold the largest pizza, preferably with enough space. For airflow, a little space between your dough and the pan's edge will make the crust crisper.

You'll bake your pizza at 500°F (more below). A heat-resistant pizza pan will be ideal. Before you buy a new baking sheet or pan, make sure to read the entire description. It's likely to be a good investment if it's made of steel, carbon, or aluminized. If it has the words like "heavy gauge" and "heavy-duty", it will be a bonus point for you.

Heavy steel pans are more stable than aluminum cookie sheets or pans that can warp when heated beyond 400 degrees F. They also distribute heat more evenly and remain flat, so you get a perfect crust for your pizza.

Yes, color does matter. Avoid shiny pans as they absorb heat more than those made of lighter metals. These shiny silver pans may look pretty but they won’t make you the golden-brown pizza crust that you want.

Grace Manessis

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