• June 12, 2022

Black Truffle Sea Salt and Its Miracles

The amazingly delicious, rich, creamy taste of black truffle salts definition defines the unique flavors of Black Truffle Sea Salt. Made naturally from Pacific Ocean Sea Salt mined in Italy, this premium, fine-grained salt elevates simple, succulent dishes to gastronomic stunning masterpieces. Its distinctive earthy flavor is a perfect match for everything from salty salted fish to smooth cheeses to decadent pastries. Best sellers include Italian truffles and their many other variants, including one very simple recipe using this versatile seasoning. But these aren't the only things you can make with it.

Here are ten suggestions that will help you love using it in your culinary pursuits:

Salads are an ideal summertime snack with the lightness of black truffle sea salt and fresh, rich ingredients, they're guaranteed to be a hit. Try blending with fresh summer vegetables to create a Caesar salad with a hint of truffle aroma and taste. Mix it with crisp celery and prosciutto as a summertime twist on a classic salad. You can dress it up with crunchy croutons and you'll have a healthy yet exotic salad to tantalize your taste buds. If you're feeling extra adventurous, try serving it with grilled salmon or roasted potatoes.

Truffles are the perfect dessert food. Who says there have to be chocolate truffles? Make them without refined sugar with a hint of black truffle salt. Delight your taste buds with raspberry coulis, vanilla pears, or raspberries. Or top off a chocolate cake with this salty baked treat and watch the guests' mouths water.

A classic summer cocktail is a perfect example of how pairing black truffle sea salt and lemon juice make for a delicious, sophisticated drink. Whisk in two ounces each of orange liqueur and Grand Marnier, then add a squeeze of lemon juice for that pop of zest. Add ice and swirl the mixture around until it's cold, then enjoy! This drink would be infinitely better with a tall glass of white wine.

Any recipe for pasta should start with black truffle salt. It adds a lot of flavor and texture, especially when combined with Italian herbs and olive oil. This combination allows the pasta to have a smooth, velvety feel. Salt helps draw out the flavors of cheeses and vegetables, which is exactly what you want when making your own pasta.

A great recipe for pasta begins with a bowl of mixed pasta. Spread a generous amount of pasta on a lightly greased pan, then top with shredded parmesan cheese. Heat the oil over high heat, just barely touching the high heat of the oven. When the oil begins to smoke, turn the burner off. Now all you need to do is sprinkle the pasta with the truffle salt and continue to stir while the pasta cooks, being careful to only touch the top of the food to avoid burning.

One of the great things about this dish is that even though it starts out on high heat, it finishes easily on low heat. That's because sea salt helps draw out the flavor from the mushrooms. When using a wood fire or electric flame to cook mushrooms, always use the top rack or side burners. The flames can get too high in a short period of time and can also scorch the bottom of the food, ruining all of the wonderful taste that the mushrooms have to offer.

Using a mesh basket and placing the cooked pasta on top as you would any other pasta will keep the flavor locked into the meat, and will help draw out the flavor from the other ingredients. It is also important to place the mushrooms on top after they have finished cooking, as the steam from the cooking will draw out the liquid and juices that may be trapped within the meat. Finally, the sage leaves can be sprinkled on top before serving, or used right after. As with any great dish, the key to the perfect version is proper preparation and cooking, and this recipe is no exception.

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