• October 11, 2021

Benefits of Implementing Human Resources Solutions

The press is full of stories of job hunters bemoaning lack of response from recruiters – disheartening and demoralizing for the applicant, a sad indictment on the ethics of today’s business world, and it seems now bad for the image of the organization too. So, how simple is it to include a thank you acknowledgement email?

With the right human resource solutions and workflow system, the answer is ‘very simple’ – workflow set to automatically send an acknowledgement – and without even the press of a button required. In fact workflow can automate the recruitment process from a department manager kick-starting the procedure with an eForm post request, through to the authorization stages, and on to handing the post for advertising.

Applications are collated online along with supporting documents, and every subsequent part of the recruitment process can be incorporated into workflow – and on then to the onboarding process, which can also be automated through workflow.

HR document management is complex, involving documents across a range of formats, departments and locations – and with the majority confidential. An HR solution captures all HR-related documents, and regardless of format – paper, email, fax, mobile, electronic form (Word, Excel, etc).

In addition to recruitment and onboarding referred to above, workflow can automate other functions such as employee admin requirements (leave requests, personal detail changes, etc), leaver processing.

The solution works with an organization’s existing HR software, providing secure, centralised document storage and 24/7 retrieval from anywhere in the business – from within the HR Solution or via the third party HR system.

Grace Manessis

E-mail : webmaster@tiendacasadelcuadro.com