• January 20, 2022

3 Types Of Exhaust Systems You Should Know About

Every car needs an exhaust system to remove the gasses from the engine that have been caused by combustion. While every exhaust system does virtually the same thing, there are 3 different types of exhaust systems in cars today. Some are ideal for normal vehicles while others are better for high-performance engines. Do you want to know more about your vehicle’s exhaust system? See a nice difference.


The most common type of exhaust system from goblackops.com.au is the single exit type. You’ll usually find them on cars and trucks you buy from the dealer. They aren’t the most efficient pipes, but they are the cheapest to manufacture and install. The pipe’s exit will always be on the car’s passenger side.


The dual rear exit exhaust system is generally on the sportier cars or added to make a vehicle seem sportier. It gives a deeper note to the exhaust, making the engine sound more powerful. This system uses two exhaust pipes on opposite sides of the car. Unlike other systems, the pipes don’t bend around the wheels.


Where dual rear exhaust systems don’t bend, opposite dual exhaust systems work a bit differently. They wrap around the wheel, using the bend to add to the filtering process. You’ll see them more on vehicles that tow large loads like boats or trailers.

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